Early Days
I guess I have always been a designer. Since a kid, I’ve been drawn to how things work. I was the one in my family who would set the alarm clocks when they got unplugged or power shut off. My family would ask me to do these tasks- and even fix the TV or VCR when they didn’t work. Fixing things is in my blood, so perhaps spotting areas for improvement in the design of things is as well.

I was drawn to the Oregon Trail game in elementary school on our macintosh computers, and later to windows computers in middle school. There was something about the ability to type that interested me deeply, mostly because I could type faster than I could write by hand, and also I felt my handwriting was illegible, at best.

I first became introduced to digital design in high school, through a series of Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and black and white photography classes. These classes initiated my exploration of graphic design, videography and photography as a means of expression and communication and revealed to me the importance of overarching design elements such as color, line height, and font spacing.

Outside of class amongst friends we were constantly trading and trying new software to create a higher level of productivity in our workflow. I was deeply interested in the role of computers in creativity and productivity – and how they could make my life easier.

My first year of college I was able to work on the Library Database system of online resources. This was my first experience with HTML and CSS development while using Microsoft Frontpage. At this moment the use of online resources was becoming very popular in college education, and although my work was humble and for the most part simple, I gained a new found appreciation for the impact information technology could have on education.

My sophomore year I worked with the Intercultural Community Center (ICC), as well as the Office of Student Life in organizing events that spoke to social injustice and possible solutions for the movement towards a more equitable society. While many of the event posters for both venues were made from Microsoft Powerpoint with typical fonts and on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, I started to design digital 11″ x 17″ posters in photoshop and posted them around campus.

Post College
After college I first worked at many non profits, employing design skills, and administrative skills. I had many jobs and many experiences, including being an in-home tutor for english as a second language students, and teaching english classes in Taiwan to elementary school kids. While teaching english in Taiwan, I started learning how to code websites and how they work in general. I also landed my first client while in Taiwan who was located in the United states, so this gave me some confidence in starting my craft as an independent designer and start my move back to the states.

I came back to the states from Taiwan in 2013, and decided to go all in on working on my own company. While in Taiwan I came up with the name “0101 Design,” and it stuck. I have had much successes, providing quality websites and online care to over 100 clients. My clients mention that they really appreciate how I approach my work with a passion that ensures my designs are thought provoking, insightful and meaningful.



BA, Double Major:
Political Science / Spanish Literary & Cultural Studies
Occidental College, Los Angeles, California, 2008

Work Experience

0101 Design Web Development & Design 2012-Present
Have worked with over 100 different clients updating, designing, developing, photographing, and launching websites.
Worksafe Administrative Assistant 2010-2011
Managed legal paperwork, website, and other administrative duties.
Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education Administrative Assistant 2009-2010
Organized around progressive policies in the city of LA with major stakeholders. Organized door to door and telephone canvassing, designed print collateral, and performed other administrative duties.
Youth Policy Institute Administrative Assistant 2008-2009
Performed administrative duties such as score tracking, and file organization. Also performed in home tutoring for English as a second language low income students.
Office of Student Life Program Assistant 2007-2008
Created and promoted school-wide events.
Intercultural Community Center Program Assistant 2005-2006
Created and promoted school wide events focusing on marginalized and underrepresented groups.
Occidental College Library Database Manager 2004-2005
Managed library interconnected databases including user access. Updated library website with new photos and content.


Information Design
User Interface Design
Graphic Design
Website Development
Photography and Post Processing
Videography and Editing
3D Modeling and Rendering


This list is growing and ever changing- for more visuals and information, check out the portfolio at 0101 Design

Other Interests

BMX Bike Riding

I have been riding BMX bikes since I was 13 years old. I have been lucky enough to compete in some competitions amateur and professionally in my earlier years. Nowadays I ride for the fun of it. BMX bike riding has fueled my creativity- as it gives me positive endorphins and keeps me thinking creatively.


Vancouver Skatepark


Taipei, Taiwan



Corvallis, Oregon

Photographer: Seyi Sosanya


Tope Sosanya 2000-2004 from Sosa Fresh on Vimeo.

2000-2004 edit

This is a short edit filmed between 2000-2004 mostly in Portland and the Northwest


Flow BMX

Featured Rider
When I was 16 my brother and I were lucky enough to be featured in a video called “Flow.” This video is a really good introduction to BMx- and it puts forward a philosophy of BMX that connects the various elements of the sport. You can watch the video above.