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BMX Bike Riding

I have been riding BMX bikes since I was 13 years old. I have been lucky enough to compete in some competitions amateur and professionally in my earlier years. Nowadays I ride for the fun of it. BMX bike riding has fueled my creativity- as it gives me positive endorphins and keeps me thinking creatively.


Vancouver Skatepark


Taipei, Taiwan



Corvallis, Oregon

Photographer: Seyi Sosanya


Tope Sosanya 2000-2004 from Sosa Fresh on Vimeo.

2000-2004 edit

This is a short edit filmed between 2000-2004 mostly in Portland and the Northwest


Flow BMX

Featured Rider
When I was 16 my brother and I were lucky enough to be featured in a video called “Flow.” This video is a really good introduction to BMx- and it puts forward a philosophy of BMX that connects the various elements of the sport. You can watch the video above.